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Fall is almost here…

Fall is almost here…


Fall feels so close but here in the south that could mean early December before we really can maintain some cool weather for more than a day or two. But we like to decorate for the season anyway.

Today, I want to show you a picture of my front door project. I already had the door container, yes an old item that I have had for years. I bought the fall flowers from Michaels (on sale). I first lined the bucket with some paper to make the arrangement tall enough and simply put the flowers in the bucket. I did play with them a little to get the best arrangement. Then I added some brown eucalyptus that I had and some Spanish moss. I tied some straw Raffia ribbon around it and used some burlap to hot glue it to the door. (We won’t let hubby know about the hot glue gun). I don’t want mention any past fiascos with the glue gun and my cat, Jinx.

Anyway most of the items I already had from previous projects and this was very easy. You may have similar items that you can make work. Posting the pic for you to see.  (This pic was taken before I decided to use burlap to attach to door).

I am jobless but very busy and loving it!!


Verse for the day – Psalms 136
The Living Bible

“Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his loving kindness continues forever“.

Step outside where ever you are and look to nature to give you hope. It may be a beautiful tree you see in your yard or a cottony looking cloud in the sky. Do you hear a bird singing? Do you live by a lake? Even if you are at work, step out and feel the sun. Do you hear the rain? Just think, all of these things were given to us by the God that loves us. Sometimes we focus so much on ourselves and our problems that we forgot to see all of the kindness that God is showing us everyday.

Follow along to see more fall porch ideas and more encouragement from God’s word.


For another easy project, look at this simple diy burlap wreath.

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