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Fabric Pumpkins – Easy Craft

Fabric Pumpkins – Easy Craft

I thought I should share the how-to for the fabric pumpkin posted earlier.

You will need a roll of toilet paper for each pumpkin you want to make. I used strips of fabric that I already had left over from a quilt project. To make the toilet paper rolls larger I taped a towel to the roll with duct tape. Then I wrapped the fabric strips around and down into the toilet paper roll. I did the same with the other fabric strips until the toilet paper roll was covered and full.  I then stuffed the pumpkins with plastic bags from grocery store to give them extra fullness. Brown paper bag strips were used for the stem. Simply crinkle the strips until they look worn, twist and stick in top of pumpkin. Simple craft even for the little ones. What do you think?  Pics of fabric pumpkins.

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