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I was left with a heartache and a turtle…

I was left with a heartache and a turtle…


I was left with a heartache and a turtle…

Yes, my daughter left for college a couple of months ago and there was the decision of what to do with her pet turtle. Yes, I think that it is an unusual pet for a girl but you must realize that she got this turtle when she was about ten.

We were in Crystal Beach, Fl. at one of those tourist shops and we were in the checkout line (isn’t it crazy how you can remember the weirdest things) and she spots the tiny guy and I mean tiny turtle. I said no. Of course, she turns to her dad who says “why not?” (I guess I should be glad she did not ask for a baby pig or maybe she did at one time). Anyway, we are back in the car on our way home with a baby turtle. I don’t remember a lot about this trip except for this turtle and that is insane!

Present day, and turtle (that is his name) has grown a good bit. My husband feeds him and I walk him in the yard and I have the task of making sure his habitat is clean. Now I love animals don’t get me wrong but, I am not really a turtle person so, I was a little skittish the first time or two I picked him up but now we are ole pals. It is so funny how when I talk to him he turns his head directly to me like he knows exactly what I am saying.

So, my daughter will be home in a few years and I guess I can keep turtle until then as long as she takes him with her at that time. I was reading about this particular type of turtle the other day and the article said that he could live about 70 years and I am telling you I will be long gone by then.

Well, those first few weeks were really hard on mom without her girl but kids have to grow and go. I wonder if turtle’s mom ever thinks about him?

This is exactly what turtle looked like when he was a baby but this is not our turtle.

One of our baby Yellow-Bellied Sliders from Cape Fear Botanical Garden:

I bet you guys have been left with some crazy pets and I love to hear about them.  Share and send me some comments.


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