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It’s all about you Lord!

It’s all about you Lord!

It’s all about you Lord!

I started this blog as a way to glorify Christ and what he was doing in my life. But, lately I have been so focused on everything else; planning posts, projects, photos, and crafts. I found that we can quickly lose focus of what is important if we are not careful.

So, yesterday I had decided that the blog would be about Christ only and that was that. Everything else would have to wait. I was ok with that. Last night I started making a few fabric pumpkins to set out on my porch for the fall. I am sure you have seen them on the internet (the toilet paper ones). I finished and went to bed with no intention of posted them here.

This morning while having my coffee and bible time, I looked upon the mantel where my three little fabric pumpkins sat and it hit me. There is a lesson in those pumpkins. Yesterday, I had decided that I would forget the crafts and everything else on this blog and focus only on my journey with Christ because that is the main reason that I started writing this blog…but Christ wants to be interwoven into everything we do. That is the way he wants our lives to be. A constant link between our lives and his power and grace.

I do have to be careful and yield myself to his will everyday. And I need to stay in His Word. My hope for today is that everything I do will glorify Christ!

It’s all about you Lord!


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