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A Thankful Post

A Thankful Post
That is exactly what I want to share today – a thankful post. Thankful for:

Being able to see life for a second time through the eyes of innocence when God gave me a baby girl. Children soften and enlarge our hearts. Small children don’t see race, or ethnicity, or sometimes even gender, but they do see a kind face, a giving hand, and a warm heart.

For giving me some very difficult trials to go through. Yes, that is right, thankful for the trials. There were times when I just wanted to give up, but I didn’t and you taught me to lean on you, to trust you more than I trust myself, and to come to you with all my burdens, so you could take them. You showed me that there are blessings that cannot be seen, sunshine in dark places, and always a place beneath your wings for protection.

For helping me to understand that the life that I wanted or thought I wanted was not your best for me. For helping me to understand that each day is a gift and sometimes we limit what you can do for us by our limited view of who you are.

For showing me that without tears we would not appreciate laughter. Without sorrow, joy would not be so sweet, without hunger for you, we could never be so satified. Thank you, God for my blessings.

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