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On The Bookshelf

On The Bookshelf

I am definitely a lover of books. I like a book to hold, curl up on the couch with, read on a plane, scour over on the porch. I have always loved to read. I just finished reading “Where There Is Love, There Is God” Mother Teresa – Her Path To Closer Union With God And Greater Love For Others. (Edited and with an introduction by Brian Kolodiejchuk MC.,PhD).

As I read about Mother Teresa’s mission work I tried to imagine her life of total submission to God. What a remarkable saint she was. She trusted God. She had faith in God.

In the book, Mother Teresa states that her mission to care for the poor in Calcutta was a direct call from God. However, in the beginning Mother Teresa stated that she told God that she felt like she was weak and the most incapable person for the job. And according to the book, God responded to Mother Teresa that her being inadequate was exactly why he wanted to use her for His Glory.

What do we learn from Mother Teresa? Although she thought she was weak and inadequate for this mission she trusted God. She had faith, not in herself but in God and what God had spoken to her.

I think we can learn so much from Mother Teresa. When I think about her mission work the following words surface: love, devotion, poverty, faith, pure of heart, total submission, trust, compassion, self denial or sacrifice, patience, love in action, and teacher.

I definitely enjoyed reading this book and it made me want to know more about Mother Teresa and her relationship with God.

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