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Strip Quilt – Baby Boy

Strip Quilt – Baby Boy

Strip Quilt Baby Boy

Check out this so easy baby quilt. I loved the blues, tan, green and cream fabrics for this quilt. I made it just like the baby girl quilt on the last craft post and it sewed up really fast and was easy to make. Great quilt for a beginner that already has some sewing skills. I used a 100% polyester batting and after washing it was so soft and warm for a baby.

From the picture you can tell that the edges of the quilt strips are left raw so that they fray some when washed.  I think it makes the quilt look so comfy.  The edges of the binding are also that way.  I used tan binding on the top and bottom and blue binding on the sides.  What do you think about that?


I loved this fabric below.  I bought it first and then matched the strips on the front to it.  Love the little horses, ducks, lambs and bunnies.  Wish I had bought more of it at the time.  That is always my problem.  I never by enough.  (You can never have enough fabric).


My camera does not do this quilt justice.  The colors on the strips are beautiful.  The blend well together. Make note – must get new camera!


If you are new to sewing/quilting just some points to remember before you get started.

Be careful with your fabric prior to sewing. (Don’t let the kids play tug of war with it). It can lose its original shape easier than you think.

Be accurate and careful when cutting. It is so easy to make cutting mistakes by being in a hurry and being careless..

I did use a quilting needle for my sewing machine and 100% cotton quilting thread for this strip quilt. I think the quilting needle makes it easier when quilting with the polyester batting.

Most fabrics today are treated and the colors don’t bleed the way they used too. But if you are concerned about a fabric, I would suggest washing it first. I used a dark indigo fabric for one of the strips and was concerned that it might bleed onto the cream fabric so I hand washed it first before sewing it but it did not bleed at all. Yeah!! Still, better safe than sorry.

I hope you are having a super day. It is overcast and rainy here. A perfect day for sewing, quilting, crafting, writing……. If your day is not going perfect, try this. Ask God to show you the good in today! Have you ever tried that? You would be surprised how he can use a bad situation for good. Sometimes it is up to you to give way for him to use you to make it good. And sometimes the worse the situation, the greater good can come from it! Ask God to change your way of thinking so that you see the positive even when the world wants you to focus on the negative.

Let God use you today!

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