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Bible Verse for the Day

Bible Verse for the Day

Bible Verse for the Day

  • Psalms 9:10  (The Living Bible) Paraphrased

“All those who know your mercy, Lord, will count on you for help.  For you have never yet forsaken those who trust in you.”

The theme of trusting God is revealed throughout the Old and New Testaments so we know that God definitely wants our trust.  He wants us to trust him like a child would trust their earthly father.  He is our heavenly Father and so greatly deserves our trust.  But, the world we live in teaches us anything but trust. So, I believe getting beyond “the world” that we see and more into God’s spiritual world is part of the process of learning to trust him more than we trust ourselves.

I was truly blessed with a good earthly father, but I know that for everyone that is not a true statement. (For reasons not known at this time.) I imagine it is harder to trust God or anyone when we have been betrayed by one or both of our parents.  But a closer relationship with God will build your trust.  Get clos to God by reading your Bible, reach out to others who have a close relationship with God and learn from them.  Ask others who believe to pray with you and for you.  Pray, even when you don’t know what to pray.  God knows your heart and if you are truly sincere he will hear your prayer.

Ask God to help you trust him more.  Believe, read your Bible, pray and trust in the Lord.

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