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Earthly Angels

Earthly Angels

Earthly Angels

Have you ever encountered an earthly angel? I mean the kind that comes to your aid just at the exact time when you are in need? Do you think earthly angels are inspired from heaven?

I have had several occasions where I believe God placed a human (earthly angel) to meet my need. One of those times  I remember so vividly.

I was not feeling well but decided to go grocery shopping anyway. The store was very crowded and I was feeling extremely bad by the time I got to the check-out lines. The lines were so backed up. I got in one of the lines and then realized that I had forgotten detergent which was the one item that I needed the most since I was completely out. As I muttered “Oh nooo”, the lady behind me spoke up and asked what I needed. When I told her that I felt badly and that I had forgotten the detergent she said “Let me go get it for you. What kind do you need.” It was the way she spoke that captured my attention. She wanted to help me so badly. Like it was the most important thing that she had to do.

She went and got the detergent and returned to the line. I thanked her for being so helpful. I checked out and left after thanking her again.

But it was something about her. I don’t know what it was or even how to describe it but I have never forgotten that small gesture of kindness from a stranger.

I also remember another time. I was at my mom and dad’s home visiting along with my daughter. We got ready to go and I tried to crank the car but it would not start. My dad boosted me off and suggested that I get another battery right away since mine had died a few times and my husband was out of town.

When I got to the auto parts store, I left the vehicle running while I went inside the store. I brought the battery and asked the sales person if they had someone that installed batteries. (I did not know anything about cars because my husband usually handled the vehicles.) The sales person responded “No, we don’t have anyone.”

Right there beside me, checking out was a young guy. He had on white pants and looked like he was dressed to go out on a date. He spoke up that he would put it in for me. I felt so badly because he was obviously on his way out for the evening. But here again, he insisted and would not have it any other way and he installed the battery for me.

I have never forgotten the kindness of these strangers. And there was just something about them. I was definitely surrounded by earthy angels on both of those occasions.

Have you ever had an earthy angel help you? What happened? I would love to add your experience so others can see. Please send me an email to cheri (at) simplesouthernfaith (dot) com describing what happened. Or post the experience in the comments section. Look forward to reading about your experience.

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