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Easy – Fall Crafts / Decor

Easy – Fall Crafts / Decor

Fall is almost here.  Yeah!!  I am so ready for cooler weather and rain.  We desperately need rain.  I was thinking about easy – fall crafts / decor and what colors to use this year.  So, I love the color black and decided to use black and white with touches of orange.  I used black and white gingham material and made some fabric pumpkins.  As the picture shows I used jute twine wrapped around the stem and raffia ribbon tied below the stem.  Here is the full tutorial for fabric pumpkins.

I also used white chalk paint and painted some old fake orange pumpkins white.  The chalk paint that I used was Waverly brand from Walmart’s craft section and it went on really well.  I actually mixed a tiny bit of water with it and that made it glide on super smooth.  Next, I used jute twine to tie around the stems because the original stems did not look good with the white paint.  I think they turned out really cute.  See bottom side picture.

I also bought some small real orange pumpkins to decorate with.  I might just try some chalk paint on some of those.  Maybe a grey color or grey with white over the grey and distressed.  We will see.

I thought about using the fake white pumpkins on the table settings for dinner.  See that picture below.  I made small candle rings and placed the white pumpkins on top.  Next, I used some raffia ribbon below the ring. The black goes well with the dishes that I have.  What do you think?

Do you have any particular colors that you like to decorate with for the Fall?  I usually use the normal fall colors but with so many different color options you just have to experiment with different colors.

Even my cat, Jinx fits in with the color scheme!

Supplies needed: toilet paper roll for each pumpkin, your choice of fabric, scissors, jute twine, raffia ribbon, plastic bags, white chalk paint, small paint brush, old pumpkins to paint, or you can use real mini pumpkins.  Candle rings needed for the place setting idea.  For a super thrifty idea – use old shirts (man shirts) for the fabric pumpkins.

Check back on this blog for more easy – fall craft / décor ideas!


wrapped with fabric
wrapped with fabric


these were painted with chalk paint
these were painted with chalk paint






More chalk paint crafts






















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