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Five things on my bucket list for next summer

Five things on my bucket list for next summer

Thinking ahead….

It is still so hot here in the South. This has been an extremely hot and humid summer and the heat will probably be here for awhile. But I am already thinking about Fall.  Thinking about Fall leads me to thinking about next summer and some of the things that I promised myself I would do. Five things on my bucket list for next summer.


Grow huge sunflowers and I mean huge, gigantic, enormous sunflowers. The kind that people will stop and ask about. Note to self:  Must have sunflowers.


Star-gaze more at night…Just pull out an old blanket and get out in the yard and lay there staring up at all of those stars. (Maybe with a friend or a child). Maybe with some popcorn too.


Let God use me to lead someone personally to know and have a relationship with Christ.


Tell more people that I love them.


Tell more people that they are beautiful. I was eating in a restaurant one day and my eyes fell on this elderly couple eating together. They were very old, their hair was white but, they were so beautiful. The man and woman were so gentle and tender helping each other. The elderly couple was not talking much but they did not look sad at all. They looked very content. I walked over to the table just to tell them how beautiful they were and you should have seen their eyes light up. We talked for a while and then the waitress came with their bill and someone had already paid for their meal. They left the restaurant so happy and refreshed and my daughter looked me and said “Momma, I love you.”

My bucket list is not grandiose or unobtainable.  So, maybe one day I will make one of those for myself!

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