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Manic Monday-6 – God is Love

Manic Monday-6 – God is Love

Manic Monday-6

God is Love

It was late in the morning and I had decided not to post today.  I guess I was having one of those days thinking maybe this blog does not really make a difference, but during my worship time this morning with God, I had the intense impression that this is what he wanted communicated today – God is Love.

Today, look around you and where you see Love, there you will also see God. Mother Teresa said many times “Where there is Love, there is God,” and it is indeed a true sign that someone is walking closely with the Lord.

So, if God is Love and we say that God lives within us then we should also be Love. That is the truest way to know if a person is a follower of Christ. Their life will be filled with Love for others.

It is a Love so large that you cannot keep it for yourself. It is overflowing, abundant, bountiful. And, there will always be enough for yourself and then some to give away.

That is the way that God planned for us to live. Receiving from Him and giving, communicating, serving, helping, loving others. The life of a true follower of Christ will radiate that Love. That person, filled with the Love of Christ, will not be able to keep that Love to themselves. Christ came into the world to communicate that Love to the world. And today, God gives the Holy Spirit to his followers to communicate that same love to the world.

I believe as we give away, we receive more so there is a constant supply that will always meet the needs of his people.

Walk into any church, and where you see Love you will see God working there through his people. But that Love should not be contained in a church building, because God said we (people) were the church. And wherever his people are, there is where Love should be abundant.

Of course, everyone is at a different stage in their walk with Christ so be patient, loving and kind to those that are in the early stages of their walk with the Lord. They will need to see you living the life that the Spirit communicates in order for them to follow.

Governments are not going to change the world. Politicians are not going to change the world. Military forces, radical groups, and dictators are not going to change the world.

Only God’s great Love communicated to his followers through his Holy Spirit and radiated to others around them, is the only way to change the world….

  • Bible Verse: John 15: 9-10  The Living Bible (Paraphrased)

“I have loved you even as the Father has loved me. Live within my love.  When you obey me you are living in my love, just as I obey my Father and live in his love.”

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    • Thanks for your support. I hope this blog will be uplifting to others. Thanks for your comment. God does want to bless his children. Sometimes we just need to yield so that he can use us.

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