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Pieces of Broken China

Pieces of Broken China

Pieces of Broken China – 

Years ago, when my daughter was small, probably around three, she would join me in the kitchen while I prepared meals. She would sit on the floor and open the bottom cabinets and play with anything that she found. Usually she played with pots, pans, Tupperware, or whatever intrigued her and her little hands could reach.

I remember one time, she was playing in the kitchen and I was busy cooking and all of a sudden I heard a plate break and she looks at me and knows that she has done something wrong. Broken on the floor was a beautiful blue and white saucer that I had found at a second-hand shop. It was special to me because I had never seen the pattern before. Of course, I cleaned up the mess and told her that she was more important than any piece of china and I thought to myself that it was really my fault for storing it where her little hands could get to it so easily.

I kept the broken pieces of china in the hopes that one day I would be able to use them for something else. Today, I was cooking in the kitchen and for some reason I thought about those pieces of broken china and how our lives are like those pieces in so many ways.

We are born into the world, as works of art, made by God himself. However, because we live in a world filled with sin, we are broken like the pieces of china. We try to put the pieces of our lives together ourselves but we can’t and don’t succeed.

It is not until we realize, that we will never be complete without Christ. He is the power that moves the pieces together and as He stands in front of us and we are covered by His blood that we are made perfect. A beautiful, amazing piece of art arranged and completed by Jesus as He makes us ready for a life in heaven with our heavenly Father.

The pieces don’t all come together at once and I think many times it is in the course of a lifetime that His work in us is completed.There were times I tried to make the pieces of my life fit together myself, but the pieces never fit perfectly. There was always a piece missing. I think that when we realize that our greatest need is for Christ that we begin to see His greatest work in us.

We then begin to realize that it is His great love that is needed for us to truly be transformed.


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