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Thrifty Fall Décor Ideas – Mini Pumpkins

Thrifty Fall Décor Ideas – Mini Pumpkins

Thrifty Fall Décor Ideas – Mini Pumpkins

I love Thrifty Fall Décor Ideas and what is more thrifty than to use what you already have. I bought a bag of five orange mini pumpkins from Wal-Mart, but I am sure that any grocery store or farmer’s market has them. Everything else I already had.



I love the blue and white color combination and I already had these blue and white saucers. They look stunning with the solo pumpkin atop them. Use them any where you need a touch of fall. On a small table, in a bookcase, in the kitchen, in a hallway.



Next, I used an ivory platter, added fake acorns, a silk hydrangea, and an ivory candle to the platter and plunked two of the orange pumpkins onto the platter. Of course, I think that a dried hydrangea would have been perfect but the silk is what I already had so that is what I used.


The possibilities are endless and you spend less than three dollars for the pumpkins. Think about the platters, baskets, containers that you already have and use those. Experimenting is the key.


Start with a pretty platter, add nuts, acorns, or berries and a candle.  Next, add a pretty hydrangea or other fall flower and your pumpkins.  If the orange color is not for you, paint the mini pumpkins white or any other color that will work with what you already have.



Check back for more thrifty fall décor ideas.

If you have a simple and inexpensive way you used mini pumpkins, let us know.  Leave a note in the comment section if you have some  Thrifty Fall Décor Ideas to share.

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