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The Southern Porch

The Southern Porch

The Southern Porch – Spring is my favorite time of the year and spring in the South is full of color and freshness.  When I think of spring, I see southern porches coming alive with furniture, plants, swings, and people gathering to breathe the fresh spring air and talk about new beginnings.   Coffee on the porch in the morning and tea on the porch in the afternoon is a common sight.  

And there are small porches, screened in porches, and long breezy porches.  Some are front and some are back porches.  The southern front porch tends to be a bit more formal that the back porch, which might corral hats, boots, jackets, umbrellas, rockers, and the occasional garden tool.  A lot of porches in the south become second living areas for the spring and summer.  And some porch areas have the addition of a small dining table to extend the functionality of the area.



I remember my parents sitting on the front screened in porch at night.  It was so quiet out there except for the crickets, and too quiet for a teenager to stay very long… But I understand the need for that quietness now.  There was no real need for adult conversation back then.  The whole purpose for the porch at night was to be engulfed in the still, quiet, night alone with your thoughts and the sound of the crickets.

I have a long front porch and we use ours as much as we can.  The washing of the porch is an annual ritual which begins after, and only after the last of the pollen has fallen.  Left behind is a thick dusty layer of yellow that must be washed down with soap and water.  Sometimes I add a bit of bleach if there is any mildew present.  Then the rockers, table and swing get a good washing.  Next, the porch comes alive with plants, flowers, pillows, quilts, candles and a lamp.  What a cozy place to sip some tea and read a book. What is your favorite southern porch pastime?






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