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Delta Cotton and a Bible Verse

Delta Cotton and a Bible Verse

Delta Cotton and a Bible Verse.

I know you are thinking, what does a field of cotton have to do with a Bible Verse?  Give me long enough and I am sure that I can connect the two in some way.  However, I took this beautiful picture of a cotton field sometime back while passing through the Delta, and forgot about it until today.  Since I was going to post this important Bible Verse, I decided to use this picture in the post, and so the two are forever linked together in this article.

Anyway, have you ever been to the Mississippi Delta? Or seen a cotton field?  I love to see a field of the white almost billowy cotton stretching for miles.  And the Delta is known for its cotton fields. And, as you can see, the picture in this post perfectly shows the flat terrain that is so familiar to the Delta.

That particular day there was a cloudy, onimus  sky, a dark blue ceiling covering a perfectly white  sheet of soft cotton. And I love the contrast of the white cotton and the dark, blue sky.

Today, I am having confidence that my God is leading me along the path that he has prepared for me.  I only need to trust and obey.

Verse for the Day

Psalms 25:4-5 – The Living Bible

“Show me the path where I should go O Lord; point out the right road for me to walk.  Lead me; teach me; for you are the God who gives me salvation. I have no hope except in you.”

Mississippi Delta Cotton
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