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Chalk Painted Rooster – Easy Craft

Chalk Painted Rooster – Easy Craft


Chalk Painted Rooster – Easy Craft.  I have to share this easy chalk paint craft.  I had this old rooster that is multi-colored but tired looking (see below).

This old rooster was about to get tossed when I thought why not try some chalk paint.  What have I got to lose?  So I headed to the store and bought some blue chalk paint from Wal-Mart.

before chalk paint

The paint is by Waverly and the color is Ocean.  I love this color!  First, I poured a small amount of paint in a plastic container and started applying the blue paint.  About half way through I decided to add a small amount of water to the paint to make it go on faster.  Of course, this thinned the paint some.

Next I mixed a small amount of water to the white chalk paint that I already had and randomly brushed a small amount on the rooster.  Before it had time to dry I used a dry brush and worked in the white paint.    I had to work with small amounts because the paint would set quickly.

What a difference the paint made.  I love my blue rooster.

Think about all the possibilities you could have with second hand finds.  And you can customize your find to your interior.  If you are just starting out with your first apartment, or you just like to save money and help the environment by reusing – this is for you.  Check second hand and resale shops for bargains that you can repaint and give a new life.

I already had some blue in my kitchen, so my chalk painted rooster fits right in with my décor.  See the close up picture below of saucers hung on cabinets in my kitchen.


Next, I have a ceramic bunny that needs new life and I am already thinking about paint for him.

Check back for the bunny redo and let me know what pieces you have found to redo and how you did it.

ALSO, this chalk painted rooster would make a cute gift for someone!!

See this post for painted mini pumpkins.


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