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About Blog

My daughter asked me this morning, “Mom, what is your blog about exactly?”  I thought for a moment and it really is about life, my life in the South.  My love for crafts, and diy projects.  My faith in God and wanting to share the knowledge of my Savior, Jesus Christ with others. Hopefully sharing that part of my life, my experiences and my beliefs will be uplifting to someone else.  Those of us that believe need encouragement in this world today.  We need to pray for each other and inspire each other.

Hopefully this blog is starting to take on an identity of its on and have some type of cohesiveness.

I am adding a feature post to the blog starting on August 15, and each Monday after that entitled Mantic Monday.  I remember when my daughter was little and I was working and busy with cooking, housework and home projects and the weekends would go by so fast and Mondays would always leave me feeling like the weekend had just slipped by and I was back to work and it was always “Mantic Monday”.  I would rush out of the house, taking my daughter to school and then drive forty-five minutes to an hour to work only to get there and feel like I had already been at work for an entire day.  I know there are moms and dads and grandparents that have children going back to school and will hopefully benefit from this featured post.

This post will consist of an inspirational Bible verse and uplifting message to start the week off right for my readers and myself.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.  Please leave a message in the comment section of blog.

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