my southern life embellished by a living faith in God

About me

A little about me. Married and mom to daughter and one cat, Jinx.  Love so many things about life. I have a passion for Jesus.  I love the ocean.  I also love coffee, crafting, reading, traveling, helping people, telling people about my faith, and learning. Living in the deep south (U.S.) and loving it!! I hope you will keep checking this site for new posts, ideas, articles, how-to’s and verses from the Bible.

Update 11/11/15

Still not working and really not sure what God has planned for me.  He has a purpose and a plan and that is what I want for my life.  I will continue to pray for his guidance over my life.


Okay, so I am no longer working.   You would think that I might be a little down but for some reason, I feel like dancing.  I guess it feels like that because I was working at a job that I simply had no passion for. Can anyone relate?

I also know that having a strong faith in God and staying positive is important. In fact, I can stay positive because I know how much God loves me. I look around me and see all of the good things that I have in life and I know all good things come from my Father in heaven.

So, I can say that today will close a chapter in my life but tomorrow will be the beginning of a new book!!

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